Pink Damask Rose Exporting Countries in 2020

Pink Damask Rose Land under damask rose cultivation in Iran amounts to 24,000 hectares. Every year, 870 to 2,000 kilograms of damask rose essence are produced in Iran, which is priced at €5,500-12,000 per kilo in the international markets,” Hossein Zeinali was also quoted as saying by ILNA Iran, he had said earlier, supplies 90% of global rosewater demand and accounts for 8-10% of rose essence production in the world, Financial Tribune reported.

Pink Damask Rose Exporting Countries in 2020

Pink Damask Rose benefits for skin

Pink Damask Rose benefits for skin Rose is not a new skincare ingredient – it’s been used in lotions, creams and fragrances for centuries now.damask rose for sale  But, actually it does a lot more than make your face cream smell nice (though it definitely does that too!). Here, we explain the skin benefits of Damascus Rose, and why this ingredient is one of our favourites. 

But first, let’s talk about the rose. The official title of the Rose is Rosa Damascena, but is also commonly referred to as the Damask Rose or Rose of Castile. Native to Europe and the Middle East, it’s most famously grown in Bulgaria and has a rich, potent scent. The essential oil extracted from the flowers is what is most commonly used in skincare products, as it contains the most skin-enhancing benefits.

Each type of rose used in skincare has a slightly different benefit, however generally you’ll find the likes of Damascus rose in anti-ageing skincare and those that target dry and sensitive skin types. This is because rose oil has amazing moisturising properties and is known to soothe and calm the skin. In addition, studies have shown that it also carries antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – everything you want in your everyday skincare.


Main exporting countries for Pink Damask Rose

Main exporting countries for Pink Damask Rose  The meaning of the colors of roses damask rose benefits Let’s go one step further than the rose appears. These days, each flower represents a different theme. The language of flowers is an important and interesting issue that we should know a little about It is not easy to know all the meanings and all the colors derived from red. But in general, bold red is a symbol for expressing intense love and passion and is used to estimate the depth of a relationship. While the pink color expresses a new love and a new relationship.

Romantic meanings are not related to white roses.Main exporting countries for Pink Damask Rose

 So you can give it as a gift for your friends and family White also means purity and purity For example if you are looking for a suitable flower to congratulate the birth of a beautiful baby a white rose bouquet is a good choice.