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According to theories,Damascena Rose are about 70 million years old. The oldest rose fossil is about 70-35 million years old and was discovered in the US state of Colorado. Rose sowing began in the Middle East for medicinal purposes, as well as for perfume consumption, and then spread to Greece and Rome. 

	Damascena Rose Affordable Sales

Damascena Rose Quality Identification

Damascena Rose Quality Identification	rosa damascena is one of the most important species for rose and rose fragrance. Due to the large volume of flowers harvested during flowering and their accumulation in factories and workshops for essential oil extraction, it usually takes a long time from harvest time to extraction of essential oil.

Accumulation of flowers will increase the rate of respiration and temperature and thus reduce the quantity and quality of their essential oils. In this study, to investigate the effect of different storage conditions of flowers after harvest, a factorial experiment with factors of post-harvest storage time, storage temperature and storage container was designed in a completely randomized design with three replications. Also, in order to investigate the effect of different time periods of the essential oil extraction process on the amount and quality of the essential oil, the experiment was performed as a completely randomized design in three replications. The results indicate that the amount of essential oil is higher and also the superiority of the quality of essential oil in the method of storage after flowering petals in the container containing water in the refrigerator, especially for 48 hours, compared to other methods of storage and even extraction of essential oil immediately after flowering.

 In addition, with increasing the time of essential oil extraction, the amount of essential oil increased and the essential oil obtained from 3.5 hours of essential oil in terms of efficiency and essential oil combinations was recognized as the best time for the process of extracting essential oil from rosa damascena seeds in this experiment.

Global Damascena Rose Sales

Global Damascena Rose Sales		The first tea hybrid rose, Rose La France, was created in 1867 and, despite its many advantages, lacked fruit-bearing power.

Yellow roses are one of the types of cars that have been found only in the Middle East and China. Therefore, until the nineteenth century, despite the use of various types of roses in the horticultural industry, the use of yellow car roses has not yet been seen. One of the parents of today’s yellow roses is one of the species of roses called Iranian yellow roses that are found in Iran and Iraq.

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