Damask Rose Petals Buy and Sale

This Damask Rose Petals contains sugar, tannins, gallic acid, essential oils, pectin and pigments. Wild rose petals are known to be a rich source of vitamin C in plants. Rose petals are also rich in vitamins A, B and K. In the past, rose petals were used to make diets that were packaged during the war and fed to children to increase their resistance to infections and treat common colds.

Damask Rose Petals Buy and Sale

Damask Rose Petals Properties

Damask Rose Petals Properties			This damask rose benefits. The petals of this plant are astringent, tonic, licorice, refreshing, soothing, anti-depressant and sexual enhancer.

Rose has many uses and has long been known to be edible. This fragrant flower is used in spice combinations, rose preparation, syrup preparation and jam. Also, in terms of medicinal use, this plant has valuable properties that have been emphasized by botanists and famous physicians. spoke about the medicinal value of rose jam in the treatment of tuberculosis and its beneficial effects.

The medicinal properties of damask rose essential oil have been known and used for many years. The ancient Romans considered roses to have medicinal properties, 

 It is interesting to know that rose, while being astringent (anti-diarrhea), also has laxative and emollient properties.

 Rose strengthens and relieves severe heart palpitations. rose extract is known to calm the heart and entertain the nerves and is used in syrups and foods. According to research, rose oil is antidepressant and joyful.

 Rose increases the body’s resistance to disease and strengthens the lungs, so it is useful for people with weak bodies and low immunity. Rose petal tea relieves the symptoms of colds, flu, colds and bronchial congestion.

Damask Rose Petals Buy and Sales in the Market

Damask Rose Petals Buy and Sales in the Market  Rosehip fruit is an important source of vitamin C and is used in the production of tea, syrups and fruit drinks.

Rosemary leaves are mostly used externally and are used to gargle and wash wounds, as they are effective in healing wounds, bleeding, and secreting mucus. 

 Rose products such as rose water and its oil also have healing and medicinal properties.

 Rose water is invigorating, strengthens the heart and nerves, and eliminates bad breath. It also relieves muscle aches and headaches by eating rose water.

 Rose rose extract is an ideal cleanser for the skin. Cleansing the skin with rose water opens up the delicate and superficial folds of the skin and eliminates inflammation and redness, while also being useful in treating acne and blackheads on the skin. Rose accelerates the regeneration of skin cells and relieves fatigue and redness of the eyelids.

 This plant or its oil is also used to prevent hair bleaching, strengthen hair, make beauty masks and strengthen eyesight.

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