Damask Rose Petals Wholesale Prices

Rosa damascene, commonly known as Damask Rose,Damask Rose Petals، is known in Iran as Golmohammadi. Mohammadi flower is one of the most important species of rosacea family. Rosacea is a very famous ornamental plant and Mohammadi flower is mentioned among them as the king of flowers.  Currently, more than 200 species of roses have been identified.Damask Rose Petals Wholesale Prices

Colors of Damask Rose Petals

Colors of Damask Rose Petals rose flower is a perennial plant of the genus Rosa and the Rosaceae family, which has beautiful flowers in a wide variety of colors, mostly red and pink, and they get roses from it. Most species are native to Asia, and some species are native to Europe, North America, and Northwest Africa.
Rosa damascena is a deciduous shrub. rose flower has been cultivated in Iran for a long time and its consumable part is the petal. Its active ingredient is tannin and its uses are astringent gargle, two-sodium borate gargle. Red flower. Syrian flower. It is a kind of rose. In Isfahan and Kashan, roses are taken from it and some people distill it.
This type of rose has leaves consisting of 7 and rarely 9 toothed petals and it seems to be a kind of fixed two streaks of Rosa gallica and Rosa canina. Some have mentioned it as a fixed hybrid of Rosa gallica and Rosa moschata. The petals are light pink or white.
The flowers are bright pink with 32 identical pink petals that begin to appear in the early morning. There are 5 sepals, at least three of which have large appendages at the edges. There are 100 yellow flags in the flower arrangement. The fruit, after the petals fall, is a round or ovoid flesh 1.5 cm long, which are located inside the jar-shaped protrusions under the petals.
Flowering time is from early May to early July. And in each area, the flowers take 20-30 days to open. The flowers last for a maximum of one day, after which the bright pink color of the petals turns white, and with a slight breeze, the petals fill and fall off.
Areas of rose cultivation are mostly foothill areas and arid and semi-arid climates with mild and dry summers and cold winters.
At present, rose flower cultivation is carried out in 14 provinces of the country, damask rose benefits، the most important of which is Kerman, Fars (Meymand), Isfahan (Kashan) and East Azerbaijan provinces, and in other provinces, cultivation is more scattered.

Damask Rose Petals Wholesale Price List

Damask Rose Petals Wholesale Price List		At present, Iran is the first producer of rose flower perfume with a production of more than 3 tons. Due to the suitable climatic conditions of Iran for rose flower product,damask rose colour، its quality is better than other countries. The wholesale price of rose petals for export is not the same throughout the year and varies according to its color, cleanliness and not broken. Winter is done with the highest possible price.

Simultaneously with spring and the months of May and June, rose flowers perfume the surrounding environment with a pleasant aroma. At this time, various traditional and industrial rose-picking workshops in all parts of the country, with distillation equipment, pick the flowers every morning, before the bud is fully open, and distill them with water vapor in different pots.

The resulting essential oil, which accumulates in the upper part of the fabric, is separated and after dewatering, it is kept away from light in closed jars, and the essential oil is supplied in containers covered with felt around it. , The remaining water from the distillation process is used as “rose” for various uses. About 3 kg of essential oil is obtained from every 3000 kg

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