Dried Rose Buds Varieties For Sale

Dried Rose Buds are very beautiful flower that we all know has a very soulful scent and by seeing and smelling it, we feel that we are very much in love and we can write all kinds of love poems. As you know, roses come in a variety of forms, such as shrubs and some miniature and small, and some of which are unique, each with its own unique properties….

Dried Rose Buds Varieties For Sale

Popular Dried Rose Buds Varieties

Popular Dried Rose Buds Varieties	one of dried rose buds uses Prepare a rose mask Rose powder has been used in this method, the video of which you can see at this address.It is also natural and inexpensive and is more effective than the extra cost of rose creams. Use rose petals in Baslooq There are two ways you can use these petals in Baslooq.

Combine the petals in the baslooq material or pour the petals into the mold and pour the baslooq material on it.

Here’s how to make one:

1- Combine starch and water so that the starch dissolves completely in water.

2- Put the obtained mixture in a saucepan over a gentle heat and add sugar. Stir constantly for about 15 minutes until the sugar dissolves and the ingredients thicken.

3- Add rose water and continue stirring. Heat the ingredients for 3 to 4 minutes until elastic.

4- Very quickly, pour the hot sauce into the prepared form and open it evenly. Smooth the surface of the baslooq and set it aside to harden and then sip it with the tea. How to make dried rose buds tea

To make rosemary tea, which is a soothing and fragrant drink, drink a teaspoon full of rose petals with a teaspoon of any type of tea (green or black) that you want to brew and drink.

To make its syrup; Infuse 30 to 40 grams of dried petals in half a liter of boiling water for a day. Strain and add 50 grams of sugar and cook again to provide a thick liquid. As a sedative, drink a tablespoon of this syrup before each meal. This syrup is anti-depressant and strengthens (increases) sexual power.

Dried Rose Buds Varieties Sellers

Dried Rose Buds Varieties Sellers	You can easily crush the dried petals of our store and use them in this mask.

First, mix one unit (one tablespoon or one cup) of aloe vera gel (prepared in perfumeries), rice flour and rose powder, and two units of honey and apply on the skin. After 15 minutes, wash your skin with water. Use this mask 2 or 3 times a week to feel youthful, radiant and fresh.

This mask rejuvenates, moisturizes, brightens and softens your skin.

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