Dried Rose Petal Distributors

The major distributing company of dried rose petal has offered its products with suitable quality for export to different countries. Today, the sale of roses in domestic and foreign markets is booming and has many fans. The distribution centers of these products have been able to gain a stable position among their buyers by considering the demands of their customers.

Dried Rose Petal Distributors

How long do Dried Rose petals last?

How long do Dried Rose petals last? When it comes to the dried rose to buy, many may think of the time that they can keep this kind of product. In fact, this question that how long do dried rose petals last will appear in their mind.

You know, in this situation, the ones who can help the buyers are the sales agency. One of the main reasons for the global popularity of rose flower buds produced in Iran is the drought in Iran, this flower grows without pests and therefore without spraying, so not only has more properties, but also due to its existence. 

In fact, dried rose petals, are dried in special and standard conditions, so that they retain their color and quality. It is then sold for a variety of uses and to take advantage of its extraordinary properties.

The nature of the rose plant is temperate to slightly cold and dry, so it is considered:

  • Anti-bile and Phlegm
  • It is a remedy for cold-tempered people
  • It is also for people with hot temperament, camphor

The nature of rose pollen is hot and dry. The parts used in this plant are its leaves, petals and buds. Depending on how each of these parts of the rose is used, they have different medicinal properties.

For example, fresh rose petals have laxative properties and dried petals are astringent. Also, the dried leaves and buds of this flower have astringent properties. In fact, the nature and temperament of dried rose buds are mildly and astringent.

Dried Rose Petal Distributing Centers

Dried Rose Petal Distributing Centers		The main distributor company of dried rose has started its activities with appropriate quality in the domestic and foreign markets.

These centers prepare their products from the market of different types of rose petals for the general and kilogram prices and offer them for sale in specified packages.

Today, Iran  is one of the main export dried petals in neighboring countries. Suppliers must use the best and highest quality samples to distribute them in foreign markets. Selling them in foreign markets also helps the country’s economy to thrive.

The dried rose petals benefits result in buying and selling agency which  has many branches in Iranian markets that are available to send their product all over the world.

The most important task of these centers is to prepare their desired products through the production workshops of rose petals in general and in kilograms and offer them with more profit in the domestic markets.


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