Dry Rose Flower Buy and Sale

Car roses are examples that have existed and evolved on the planet for millions of years, and researchers and tourists have discovered and introduced them through their travels and searches. All car roses have 5 petals and almost all of them bloom only in spring. There Dry Rose Flower about 150 known species of car roses in the world, of which only 10 are used to make rose varieties. These 10 species are: 

Dry Rose Flower Buy and Sale

Dry Rose Flower Properties

Dry Rose Flower Properties Galicia, or French rose, is native to Asia Minor and western Asia. how to dry roses petals Galica is the oldest rose ever cultivated in Europe for perfumery. About 12 centuries BC, this flower was cultivated in ancient Iran for use in religious ceremonies. It has been cultivated in Asia Minor and Greece for 3-4 centuries BC and has been exported to Rome. It has been widely cultivated in the Provence-Alpes-C کوتte d’Azur region since the 13th century. Today, 600 years later, the area has become one of the most important perfume centers. 

Golmohammadi or Gul Gulab originates from Asia Minor and West Asia. Depending on the time of flowering, it is divided into two types, summer and autumn. Currently, the summer variety is widely cultivated in Turkey and Bulgaria for the purpose of perfumery.

Rose Alba is native to Asia Minor and western Asia. Its color is white.

Traditional foxia or rosemary is native to Asia Minor and western Asia.

Yellow Nastaran is the origin of Iran and Iraq. This type of rose is the parent of today’s yellow roses.

Rose Mask originated in the Middle East.

Chinese rose is native to China. Today’s roses have inherited the four-season flowering season mostly from Chinese roses.

Rose Giganti is originally from China. It smells like tea. The axis of the bud is high and the shape of the petals is sword-shaped.

Cluster rose is the origin of Japan. This is the parent of cluster roses. 

Rose Lucia is originally from Japan. An important feature is its ability to spread on the ground. Rose Lucia, along with Rose Cluster, is the parent of the rising roses in Europe. 

According to a joint study published by Iranian and Dutch botanists, there are a total of 40 species of roses in 28 provinces of Iran.

Dry Rose Flower Buy and Sales in the Market

Dry Rose Flower Buy and Sales in the Market Old garden roses are all roses that were generally grown before the first new what to do with dried rose petals, Rose La France, in 1867. An important feature of old garden roses is the roundness and large number of petals. The shape of the flower is cup-shaped or quadrangular. Their branches are curvilinear. If they are derived from rosemary or gallica, they are fragrant. Flowering time for most old garden roses is only in the spring

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