Edible Dried Roses Wholesale Price

Wholesale roses are sold by companies and their breeders. If you are looking to find wholesalers, you can easily go online. There are many websites that sell flowers and plants. These websites also sell a variety of roses. The Roses Wholesale Price is much cheaper. Join us to buy these flowers.

Edible Dried Roses Wholesale Price

Oldest Dried roses Producers

Oldest Dried roses Producers	One of the famous Iranian roses is Mohammadi flower. Rose is taken from this flower, which is a full-bodied and useful sweat. Among the export flowers of Iran, we can mention that this flower has many buyers.

In the field of flower exports, various companies have always faced various problems. Although this flower has many buyers abroad; But for some reason, such as private flights, it is very expensive. That’s why many companies aren’t able to export it, and they need government help.

The price of exported roses should be sought from the growers of this flower or wholesale rose plants or the companies that are working to send this kind of beautiful and popular flower abroad. The agencies of these companies also operate in the form of florists in some parts of the country. We can also refer to the Flower and Plant Exporters Union to know the exact price of exported roses. This union will tell us the exact number.

Dried roses Wholesale Price for Export

Dried roses Wholesale Price for Export The export of one hundred rose branches has economic value equivalent to the export of one barrel of oil. This point shows us the importance of exporting roses. Among the large number of ornamental flowers that are produced in Iran, day flower, along with several other types of flowers (gladiolus, sage, clove, chrysanthemum) has the highest production in the country and It should be noted that 70% of Iran’s flower cultivation is dedicated to cut flowers, the remaining 20% ​​is dedicated to potted flowers and the remaining 10% is allocated to green space.

Many centers have grown Iran’s export roses throughout the country, for example, the Alborz Rose Garden is one of them. Another city that has been successful in modern production is the city of Khorramabad. Kurdistan has also produced 400,000 rose branches a year.

Due to the four seasons, Iran has a very good position for production and trade of flowers and plants, including the export of flowers and plants from all over the world. The export of flowers and plants of Arab countries is according to studies conducted on target markets for flower and plant exports. The Iranian plant and information extracted from the United Nations Customs and Intelligence Commercial Yearbooks, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates are importing rose bushes, and Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Kuwait are importing dried flowers from Iran.

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