Flower Rose Petals Manufacturers

The most expensive flower in the world is called “Rose Juliet”, which takes 15 years to take care of and flourishes. Each hundred branches of this flower sell for an incredible 3 million pounds.

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Flower Rose Petals Manufacturers

Flower Rose Petals Manufacturing Process

Flower Rose Petals Manufacturing Process

Evergreen roses or mummified roses or perennial roses are a new phenomenon that we can claim to have gone through the period of withering of natural flowers and their short life, and we can cut natural flowers for a long time without the need for special care in our living space. Let’s keep it. Evergreen roses can survive more than a year without water, soil and light if cared for adequately, and do not lose their beauty and freshness over time. Flower fragrance lasts for two to three weeks. It also does not produce pollen and is not allergenic. Definitely, due to the permanence of this gift, it can become one of the gift-giving choices, and you will have to wait for the bouquet of lasting flowers soon, because there are a limited number of them in Tehran at the moment.

As mentioned in the article, the meaning of different types of roses and their history, it is better to know everything about roses before giving them as gifts.

Evergreen roses have a completely natural shape and are in the form of fresh flowers with soft and delicate petals. Today, these flowers are produced in the form of branches with leaves and in different colors (even in two colors or rainbows) or in the shape of hearts.

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Flower Rose Petals Manufacturers

Flower Rose Petals Manufacturers

Research has shown that people experience stress, anxiety and anger after receiving flowers, as well as a more pleasant feeling and satisfaction. When giving flowers, people behave politely, respectfully, thankfully, sincerely, and enthusiastically, along with different words. All of these reactions occur within the first five seconds of receiving the flower, which indicates the profound effect of the flower on the psyche. It is human.

The combination of green and white colors calms the nerves in the rooms of the house due to its soothing properties and calms the nerves.

Flowers in soft colors such as pink, white, and purple move a person’s sense of calm.

Flowers with warm and intense colors, like red, yellow and orange, lead a person to life and excitement.

Looking at flowers and plants evokes a feeling of happiness, peace and freshness in people and removes sadness from people, so the easiest way to instill a good and positive feeling in your loved ones is to give a bouquet of roses as a gift … Don’t deprive yourself of a good feeling !!

Roses using cuttings

The rose is planted. For this purpose, cut a bush with six sets of leaves at an angle

Cut the roses. The lower leaves of

Separate the stem and then inject the end of the stem, which is cut at an angle, into the hormone.

Dip one foot into warm paraffin, pausing between layers to allow them to dry

Cover the pot with a plastic wrap. Rose cuttings take about two months to take root.

Since most rose varieties in pots do not work well and should be planted in the ground,

It is recommended to plant roses in pots and cultivate them in the apartment, from cultivars such as roses

Use miniatures that grow well in pots.

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