Wholesale Dried Flower Petals

Dried Flower Petals Prepare the absorbent powder. As mentioned earlier, moisture absorbing powder is a chemical that absorbs moisture easily. This powder can gradually absorb and dry the flower’s moisture. For best results, use unused, high-quality absorbent powder Here are some popular powders.

Wholesale Dried Flower Petals

Dried Flower Petals Properties

Dried Flower Petals Properties	This powder is light and cheap. You can buy each of these ingredients separately and mix them together. You can mix them evenly, or use six units of cornmeal for one unit of borax. Borax or borax is a boric acid salt. Boric salt contains colorless crystals that dissolve in water. Borax is widely used in industry, medicine and nutrition.This powder only preserves the shape of the flower and does not absorb moisture. In fact, the air dries up.dried flower suppliers This method takes longer and is often the cheapest method.

Some believe that salt preserves the color of the flowers. You can also add three teaspoons of iodized salt to one liter of absorbent material. This means pouring 15 ml of salt per liter of absorbent powder.Choose the right dish. If you have a lot of powder, consider a deep dish in which you can place the flowers. Most people use fewer ingredients and put flowers in a short stem in a shallow bowl. Of course, each absorbent powder has its own recipe; For example, for silica gel, use a container whose cap is completely closed and the air does not penetrate into it. Or, for example, use an open container for borax or sand. Even a cardboard box without holes or tears is suitable for these materials.

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Dried Flower Petals Producers in the world Pour the powder at least 2 to 5 cm thick into the dish. Dip in warm paraffin. Then gently pour the powder over the mud to absorb the powder completely If you use sand, you don’t need to have the flowers completely submerged. Since sand is used only to carry flowers, the airflow dries it.  TIP: Flowers like upside down enamel and flowers like monkey and tongue dry better horizontally. Also use a long, deep bowl like a leg to dry long legs. After placing the flowers, place the pot in a warm, dry place. If you are using an open container, you should place it in the air flow. After a few days, use a toothpick or ear cleaner to check how dry the flowers are.

Silica gel usually takes 2 to 4 days for the flowers to dry. Of course, flowers with thick petals need more time and about a week.dried flowers wholesale Remember that the pink color of silica gel means that it absorbs most of the moisture.The borax mixture also takes five to fourteen days for the flowers to dry Sand takes longer, usually 14 to 21 days.