Dried Petals Bulk Varieties

Flowers are beautiful and attractive creatures that give a special effect to our home and living space. But unfortunately, these beautiful creatures have a short lifespan and wither after a few days. The only way to preserve flowers and enjoy their beauty for longer is to dry them. There are several ways to dry flowers,Dried Petals، and it’s a lot of fun to experiment with and find the right ones for any flower.

Dried Petals Bulk Varieties

Popular Dried Petals Varieties

Popular Dried Petals Varieties

It is a cloudy flower with delicate, white flowers.

Chipsofla is a popular ornamental flower and is suitable for branching, dried flowers and decorating bouquets.

This plant is dense and dense.

Due to its white and fine grains, it is suitable for modern and classic designs.

Chipsofla flower does not have a long shelf life because it retains its beauty even after drying.

This flower is displayed in a uniform image.

As is available in the Guide to Using Vartano Products, all of our products are packaged in a sleek and portable package so that you, dear ones, can easily move this product as well as your desired product. Delivery time to you in the most ideal conditions.

Colored dried flowers are one of the most beautiful and stylish decorations that are used to cover the bottom of gift boxes and bags, as well as candle decoration and table decoration, and can make the beauty more beautiful. Each package of this product has a large number of dried flowers that are decorated with eye-catching colors. Contrary to appearances, these flowers have very hard and firm shells and are not easily brittle. Unlike other dried flowers, these dried plants do not rot over time; As a result, they are not corroded by pressure, do not pollute the environment, and have a long service life. These beautiful flowers are made from cotton petal petals that prevent them from being crushed in the gift box and maintain their beauty and multiply the effect of the gift. Also,dried rose petals، these colored flowers are a good choice for decorating candles and give the candles extraordinary beauty and charm.

Dried Petals Varieties Sellers

Dried Petals Varieties Sellers

The dried flowers offered for those interested in working with epoxy resin have been added to the store. The package of dried flowers present in each pack includes 12 flowers in different colors. Miniature dried flowers are used to make resin ornaments, decorative items and decorative art.

Dry flower packaging is such that it does not damage the flowers during transportation and reaches you in a completely healthy way.

Due to its miniature dimensions and special elegance, small dried flowers can double the beauty of your work in delicate works without destroying the elegance of your work. It is very easy to use small dried flowers in making artistic constructions. Just put the dried flower in a mold or frame and cover it with epoxy resin. During the bubbling stage, you can change the position of the flower in the epoxy resin to your liking by using a toothpick.

Some flowers remain in their original form after drying, from which they form bouquets of dried flowers. In civilized and developed countries, floristry and flower care are very important, as preparing a bouquet to decorate halls and rooms is part of every family’s plan. Although the flowers do not have the softness and beauty of fresh flowers in the dried state,dried petals bulk، they do replace some fresh flowers and do not require care and maintenance. These bouquets can be composed of three types of flowers.