Dried Rose Buds Trades 2020

Although old Dried Rose Buds are richer in aroma than new garden roses, they have never been as popular as modern and new garden roses in terms of popularity due to the limited color of the flowers as well as the shortness of the dahlia and the inability to produce cut flowers.

Dried Rose Buds Trades 2020

Herbal Medicines Benefits

Herbal Medicines Benefits
Rose Galica: It is characterized by the large diameter of the flower. It is mostly red to pink and has a good aroma. The rose was brought to Europe from West Asia and cultivated near Paris for consumption in the perfume industry, which is why it is also called the French dried rose buds uses.

The second group, European roses, includes three types:

Rose Alba: The color of the flower is whitish and has a mild aroma. The petals are round and arranged in a regular order. There are no or very few stems or thorns. It blooms only in spring.

The fourth group is a combination of roses from the west and east of the world. In the 19th and 18th centuries, car roses and old Chinese garden roses and a type of Japanese car rose called cluster roses were introduced to Europe, and by combining the roses that already existed in these areas, new varieties of roses were created. One of the characteristics of this new group was that one of the parents of this type was Chinese roses.

Global Dried Rose Buds Trades

Global Dried Rose Buds Trades	The new garden roses are a collection of roses that have been created since the creation of the first new rose, the Rose La France in 1867.  The presence, shape and color of tea roses, as well as their resistance to cold and disease, which are the hallmarks of high-yielding hybrid roses, have been added. they are proper. New garden roses are usually divided into the following groups:

The tea hybrid rose is four seasons. Among the new garden flowers, it has the largest flower and plant size. The height of the plant is between 1 and 1.6 meters. Usually only one flower blooms on each stem.

Floribunda, p. 28, is four chapters. Flower size is medium and may bend slightly to one side.

Rose Miniature, is the flowering season of four seasons. It has small flowers 2-5-2 cm in diameter. The height of the plant is between 15 and 50 cm.

The ascending dried rose buds tea, is used to cover short walls or flower arches. Some varieties flower in just one season and some in four seasons.

A new shrub or shrub,  this rose is semi-ascending, and its flower branches bend downward like a bow.