Cheap Dried Rose Petals Exporting Countries

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Cheap Dried Rose Petals Exporting Countries

Cheap Dried Rose Petals Producers

Cheap Dried Rose Petals Producers		Drying flowers is a great way to preserve flowers. You can count on these dried flowers as a beautiful and lasting decoration. Since billboards and photo frames are one of the complementary elements of the layout, their construction and design with the help of natural elements make the decoration special and unique. Rose is the most popular option for giving as well as holding, this fragrant flower is remarkable due to its high durability and mild smell, and it is used in the manufacture of many decorative paintings and decorative perfumes.

Both decorative items, such as photo frames and decorative perfume bottles, can be made with your dried roses. The method of making them is very easy and can be done in less than an hour. ; To make a glass perfume, you need a decorative container with a lid;freeze dried rose petals، First you need to remove the flowers from the stem and place all the petals on a thick paper towel, then place another paper towel on the petals and gently place them in the microwave; Turn on the device for one minute and make sure the petals are dry and finally pour them into a glass container.

Cheap Dried Rose Petals Exportation Companies

Cheap Dried Rose Petals Exportation Companies	If you want to dry a bouquet of flowers or a bouquet, it is best to dry them before they are fully opened, except for the microwave method mentioned above, such as using taffeta or silica gel. There is also the use of glycerin solution and hot water and the use of dry ice, which of course is the most economical method of microwave oven, or if you have a few weeks, you can also use the hanging method. In the photos below,edible rose petals، you can make a number of items that you can use with your dried flowers.

Making a decorative painting with roses is also very simple and fast; To do this, you need thick and deep frames of the desired size and hot glue. At first, you have to dry the flowers as before, but without removing the petals. Making a rose painting can be done in two ways: In the first method, after opening the frame, place the white screen behind the frame as a background. Separate the flowers and place the flowers along with the dried stems as a bouquet on the frame of the flower and cut the rest of the flower stems so that the flowers are exactly the size of the frame, then glue the flowers and close the frame.