Dry Rose Price List for Traders

Manufacturer of dried roses for pricing according to: cut branches with excellent quality in greenhouse and open Dry Rose air conditions and having an up-to-date sales team has been able to offer its products in domestic and foreign markets. Having a high variety and supply of quality products and delivery of orders in the fastest possible time has increased the regular customers of this center.

	Dry Rose Price List for Traders

Dry Rose Varieties for Trades

Dry Rose Varieties for Trades

There are several types of dried roses that should be mentioned. Here are some garden roses and wild roses,dry rose flower، examples of which we will introduce and explain here.

Miniature rose is an ornamental and commercial plant that has many applications, especially in landscaping. As its name suggests, this flower can be kept at home. So those who love roses can have a beautiful rose bush by growing miniature roses in pots.

climbing roses

There are different types of roses for mammals, such as climbing, all of which are planted in the same way, and this is possible at any time between spring and autumn. Flowers growing in the yard and around the house will create a beautiful and spectacular view. Therefore, you can learn more about the method of growing climbing roses.

The shrub rose is almost deciduous, the inflorescence of the rose is a panicle or a rod cluster and has full flowers, ie male and female are on the same flower and are not self-pollinating, and in this flower pollination is done by bees and wind, and in It ends with a fruit called the hip.

Patio Rose If you want a rose that is larger than a miniature flower but not as big as a standard rose, try patio roses. These roses are a type of floribunda that grows on a smaller scale.

Dry Rose Price List for Trading

Dry Rose Price List for Trading

Buyers can protect the flower by following the tips and information provided by knowledgeable individuals and sellers when selling dried roses. One of the most important things to keep in mind for flowers and plants is to pay attention to the irrigation and the amount of water needed for each plant during the day. Roses should be watered regularly and should not allow garden soil or pots to dry out. Flowering time is one of the most sensitive periods for plants and the importance of irrigation is doubled in this period. If this plant does not get enough water,dry rose color، its leaves dry out and change color. To irrigate roses, care must be taken not to pour water directly on the leaves or petals of the plant. Miniature dried flowers are very resistant to cold and the ideal temperature for this plant is between 16 and 24 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the plant has the maximum flowering time.

Currently, the flower and plant industry is a dynamic global industry that has grown rapidly over the decades. Cultivation of various ornamental plants due to the favorable climatic conditions of Iran and the income from their exports, can play a significant role in the fertility of Iran’s economic talents and the development of national production of this country. Given the economic importance of growing flowers and plants in the world, the use of new technologies and methods in the improvement of ornamental plants in order to “market” them can play a significant role in marketing these products and their trade in international markets.

Iran is one of the rich countries in native and wild flowers and plants and has very valuable genetic resources, especially in flowers and onion plants such as tulips, inverted tulips, alliums and cyclamen that are native to this country.

Many of the flower cultivars that have been commercialized in the world have been native to Iran, but Iran itself has not been able to do effective work to produce new cultivars using these native species, and these flowers continue to grow wild and car in Iran, which An example of this is the inverted tulip.

Global consumption of flowers and ornamental plants (even excluding woody and semi-woody shrubs for gardens and green spaces) is estimated at € 150 billion per year, the commercial importance of ornamental plants has increased dramatically in recent decades, and this has led to There has been a significant increase in research on flowers and ornamental plants in the world.

Bulk Dry Rose Flower Price

This plant Dry Rose Flower contains an essential oil called rose oil. The main ingredient is geraniol. In addition, it contains tannins, glucosides, and dyes . Rose has a feverish, joyful, astringent and sneezing effect.

Bulk Dry Rose Flower Price

Benefits of Dry Rose Flower Bulk Purchasing

Benefits of Dry Rose Flower  Bulk Purchasing

Consumption of dried roses has a tonic effect on the liver, bladder, gums, and memory .Consumption of rose oil along with grapes, vinegar and soda has a good effect on strengthening the spleen and helping to treat diseases caused by spleen discomfort.

Due to its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, this plant how to dry roses petals is used in the preparation of decoctions against diarrhea, especially children’s diarrhea, and on the part of intestinal parasites.

Essential rose is used in the preparation of roses and many perfumes and cosmetics. It is also used in pharmacy and the preparation of sanitary waters and creams.

Dry Rose Flower Bulk Price for Traders

Dry Rose Flower Bulk Price for Traders

Temperament:- Plant: Strong compound, in some types it is cold and dry, but in general this plant has a mild temperament. The first one is dry, especially if it is dry, and the second one is cold.

– Oil: It is a strong compound and is generally mild.

– Rose: Its strong compound, its temperament is cold.

Dear customers, you can visit our site about Other properties of dried rosesDropping rose oil on the nose has a beneficial effect on relieving headaches. This oil has other properties as well. Among other things, it is effective in treating urinary incontinence.

Dropping rose oil in anise has a therapeutic effect on ear complications .what to do with dried rose petals Massage of mixed rose oil with ammonia is effective in relieving leg pain.Rose oil poultice with vinegar and rose has a pain relieving effect .

The sedentary bath of rose buds narrows the vaginal opening.Rubbing this oil on the wound will heal the wound.Gargle with rose decoction is beneficial in relieving sore throat. Rubbing rose oil with ground coriander is good for strengthening hair.Rubbing rose oil on the position of rheumatism has a sedative effect.The price of this flower in the second half of the year is always more expensive than the first half of the site because maintaining the greenhouse in winter will be more expensive for gardeners. Meanwhile, the demand will increase in the second half of the year due to the existence of ceremonies such as Yalda night, Valentine’s Day, Sepandar Mozgan and Mother’s Day, and naturally the price of all flowers, including this flower, will increase significantly.

 Disadvantages of rose buds Excessive consumption of roses may cause allergies in some people and weaken sexual power in others .

organic products An organic product is a product whose origin is completely natural. Second, no chemicals or processes that alter the natural nature of the ingredients have been used in the production process. For example, a 100% organic moisturizer is a product that first of all all the ingredients are natural, and secondly, in the production process from the cultivation of raw materials to the final packaging, no chemicals are added to it. Including fertilizers and pesticides, chemical preservatives, etc.