Dried Mini Roses Sales

Unlike most dried flowers, which include colored leaves or fragrant cardboard leaves, we want to introduce you to the mini-product of fragrant dried roses, which uses natural rose buds. This product usually includes a hand-picked mini-rose in red. in this article we want to talk about Dried Mini Roses.

Dried Mini Roses Sales

Dried Mini Roses Buy and Sales

Dried Mini Roses Buy and Sales The dark red color in the dried mini-rose is a sign of grandeur, glory and splendor. These mini flowers are fragrant with the scent of spring flowers and have a pleasant smell. The packaging of this product is wrapped in ribbon and is suitable for a stylish and fancy gift, and this product is also sold in bulk in various markets and sites. If you also want to buy natural and valuable flowers as a gift, this product can be a good choice for you.

There are different types of dried mini-roses, and you should know that each dried rose has its own meaning. When each mini-rose mixes with the other flowers, it sends a message to its audience. Almost the majority of people are familiar with roses. This flower means beauty and love and is used to express emotions. It can be said that roses have the first rank among the flowers that are effective in expressing romantic feelings. You can buy this flower in different scents all year round. This flower can be used in bridal bouquets, groom’s jacket pockets, leggings and more. Each flower not only has a special meaning, but also their color has a special meaning and conveys a special message to its audience. For example, white rose is a symbol of youth and purity, yellow rose is a symbol of friendship and happiness, red rose is a symbol of love and having romantic feelings towards the other side. The best bouquets for birthdays are lilies, orchids, red roses and gerbera flowers, respectively. Because lilies are a symbol of happiness and happiness, and also the most suitable bouquet that you can give to your spouse on his birthday is a bouquet of roses. If your relationship doesn’t last long, you can choose to buy a dried pink rose mini. Usually every house where there is love dried roses uses.

Price List of Dried Mini Roses for Traders

Price List of Dried Mini Roses for Traders Dry mini roses are produced in different qualities, the price of Dutch roses is determined by its type. Super Premium, Premium, Super, Grade 1, Grade 2, which decreases in quality from top to bottom, respectively. So keep this in mind when buying these flowers for global trade. The price of this flower in the second half of the year is always more expensive than in the first half of the year, because in winter, maintaining a greenhouse will be more expensive for gardeners. In addition, the demand will increase in the second half of the year due to ceremonies such as wedding night, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, and naturally the price of all flowers, including this mini-dried rose, will increase significantly.

As long as there is no support and investment, the situation will not only not get better, it will get worse. The largest customers of mini-roses in recent years have been for the purchase of dried rose branches from Iraq, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Russia. Customers, some of whom, such as Georgia, Russia and Belarus, are in fact transit routes for export of flowers to other countries in the world, and mini-roses after re-entering these countries are again in new packaging and with new names by These countries are exported. you will find dried roses edible in internet.