Prices of Dried Pink Roses Types

Savvy “noses” recognize that nothing compares to the sweetness of the scent of those known as old roses. Among these Dried Pink Roses from Iran are revered by amateurs for their classic rose scent, that of rose water. you can ask the prices of the dried flowers from this collection of flower sale centre.

Prices of Dried Pink Roses Types

Dried Pink Roses Types

Dried Pink Roses Types 	1 – Rose ‘Rosa Gallica Officinalis’
Within the Gallics, Rosa gallica ‘Officinalis’, formerly cultivated in Provins for its exceptional fragrance, has the power to keep a fragrance even dried. It is the quintessence of this note which some also describe as a scent of potpourri.

2 – Rose ‘Four Damascus Season’
Among the Damascus, which are the old roses descending from the roses brought back from the Holy Land by the Crusaders, the ‘Four Season Damascus’ rose, with double flowers (more than 10 petals) of tender pink colour, exhales an extraordinary perfume, qualified as a floral note. . It flowers in a bouquet and gives us the happiness of blooming again throughout the season.

3 – Rose ‘Semi-plena’
Among the Albas, a very old family dating back to Antiquity, ‘Semi-plena’ is as precious for its fragrance as for its elegant simplicity. Its almost simple bouquets of white flowers are illuminated by gold stamens. It has the power to bloom in partial shade: it is therefore very useful in a garden, especially as its rose hips (the berries which succeed flowers) blaze in the fall.

4 – Rose ‘Rosa x centifolia’
‘Rosa x centifolia’ was used for the production of essential oil and absolute. It is still cultivated in the fields of the hinterland of Grasse. This sweet pink cabbage rose with a thousand petals is a historic variety painted in many 18th centuries still lifes.

5 – Rose ‘Roseraie de l’Hay’
Born in the 19th century, ‘Roseraie de l’Hay’, a hybrid of Rugosa (Cochet 1912), is distinguished by its scent of honey and cloves. The semi-double flowers with a velvety texture evolve from carmine to fuchsia. Its ease of cultivation and its resistance to diseases make it very desirable.

6 – Rose ‘Stanwell Perpetual’
‘Stanwell Perpetual’, a flesh-pink Spinossima hybrid, is one of the first to flower from the start of May. It gives us the joy of changing perfumes every hour of the day. This is probably why she was the favourite of the famous English gardener Gertrud Jekill, even if her loose and gangly port make her complex to stage.
Modern roses, we see life in roses

7 – Rose ‘Château du Rivau’
The rose ‘Château du Rivau’, created by André Eve in 2003, a vigorous white vine with a heart of golden stamens, smells of green apple.

Rose ‘Red Parfum’
8 – Rose ‘Red Parfum’
‘Red Parfum’, another André baby, a very beautiful climber with double and red velvet flowers, exhales a heady perfume, qualified as a tea by the experts.

9 – Rose ‘The Pilgrim’
The English roses obtained by the great rose grower David Austin are truly fascinating, both by their perfection of shapes, colour and their scents, as long as they bloom continuously until Christmas at Château du Rivau! Their notes are so fruity that they can smell the fruit salad, sometimes flavoured with lemongrass or musk notes (the scents emitted by the musk deer), very popular with certain amateurs, or myrrh which is close to anise.

10 – Rose ‘Scepter Isle’
‘Scepter Isle’, a lovely English, double cup-shaped and pearly pink colour. It distils in the air this famous perfume of myrrh while charming by the perfection of its flower and its resistance to diseases.

Dried Pink Roses Types New Price list

Dried Pink Roses Types New Price list The price of dried rose buds varies and usually varies depending on the quality of the price; When buying, pay attention to the appearance, colour and smell of the flower, a quality rosebud has a bright red colour and its size is large.

The colour of a poor quality rosebud is not red enough, and it usually tends to turn yellow, which you can doubt its quality and realize that this product is from last year.
Rosebuds are usually sold in bulk; This product is usually delivered to consumers in 8 or 10 kg packages, the price of these packages varies depending on the quality of the product.