Dried Rose Heads Production

Very few people can resist the symbolism of a flower. It flatters with so much fragility and beauty. Flowers are a source of appeasement for some, a source of inspiration for others, and they can simply leave us in awe. And because the pleasure they bring is proportional to their lifespan, dried and preserved flowers are an excellent choice for your gift ideas, or for your pleasure. Let’s use these flowers. Dried rose Heads are so beautiful and useful for the body. This collection sell rose heads in wholesale prices.

Dried Rose Heads Production

What are the Dried Rose Heads?

What are the Dried Rose Heads? Dried and preserved flowers have become popular recently. They are found everywhere on the displays of flower sellers and in decoration shops or specializing in nature decoration. We note with pleasant surprise that the dried and preserved head flowers are hardly old bland and washed-out collections as their name might suggest, but rather very beautiful flowers with always captivating colours, exquisite charms and unsuspected varieties.

A dried rose head is a flower that has been dehydrated. Drying can be natural or induced for preservation. The good news is that dried rose is no longer out of date. The dried and preserved rose head remain colourful and shimmering, as if freshly cut.

Having dried and preserved flowers give you as many advantages as having fresh flowers. In addition, they do not fade. They do not lose their scent which can always perfume the environment where they are: they are really beautiful. Indeed, dehydration has absolutely no impact on the charm of dried and preserved flowers. They keep an admirable and very pleasant charm according to amateurs.

Manufacturing Process of Dried Rose Heads

Manufacturing Process of Dried Rose Heads 1. You take the rose first from dried rose petals. You fill the inside of the sink with water and pour the petals into it and leave it for a quarter of an hour so that insects and 

2. Then you wash and rinse.

3. When the juice is gone, spread a clean cloth and dry it in the same environment of the house with a fan.
To preserve the color, smell and properties of all the vegetables in the shade and dry with a fan.

Make sure that you leave the fan for the initial stages and when it is hydrated, and when the rose petals are removed, you will no longer put the fan and you will have time for it to dry at room temperature.

4. After the petals are dry, keep them in a container in the cap.

Dried Rose Heads Production Methods

Dried Rose Heads Production Methods

  • One of the traditional methods of dried rose buds for cooking is to thread them.
  • After collecting the buds, wash very gently and patiently without damaging them.
  • Thread a thread through their stems.
  • Hang the buds in the shade so that the air flows and away from the dust to dry.
  • Some are dried in the sun, but drying the buds in the shade makes the fragrance, color and properties better preserved.
  • To dry the rose, you can pour the petals into the plastic with a handle and close it so that it breathes like a balloon. In the dark and without light, the petals dry out a week later.