Rosa Damascena Petals Exports to Europe

 At present, Iran is the first producer of At present, Iran is the first producer of Rosa Damascena Petals with a production of more than 3 tons. The wholesale price of exported rosa damascena water during the year is not the same, and depending on its color, its cleanliness and non-breakage are different, and as the harvest season approaches, its sales will greatly decrease, and export edible rose petals will be sold in winter. 

Rosa Damascena Petals Exports to Europe

Why Rosa Damascena Petals Is Exported?

Why Rosa Damascena Petals Is Exported?

It is also emphasized in traditional Iranian medicine because it has many properties that are useful in the treatment and prevention of diseases. Many Iranians make real rosa damascena petals and use them as a seasoning or dessert as a seasoning in some foods, salads and desserts. So it’s  important to know where and what organic real rosa damascena petals to buy. They offer a variety of locations, from small perfumeries to chain stores or online flower bud sites. So we have to be careful to choose places to buy real rosa damascena petals that offer us good and healthy rose buds that have a good fragrance.

rosa damascena water decoction is used to relieve some skin ailments and disinfect some eye infections, as well as a sedative and antidepressant, and reduces nervous tension, gastrointestinal ulcers, and heart disease. Rose extract is useful for bile secretion, digestion, blood disorders and uterus. Rose tea is effective in relieving sore throats, reducing bladder infections and treating diarrhea.

rosa damascena uses.

Pink rose bud consumption in Iran has its roots in the tradition of our country, which has long been used as a medicinal plant with thousands of medicinal properties in traditional medicine.

There are different types of pink roses and they are an export flower.

Iran’s pink rose buds are exported to many countries, including the United States, China and European countries.

The reason for the popularity of dried pink roses in Iran is that this product is not harmful in Iran due to its drought, and it grows without spraying.

The bulk sale of exported pink roses in the domestic and foreign markets is done with high quality and without intermediaries in person and online, and customers buy this product in bulk through its stores and sales centers in order to buy it cheaply.

Rose buds are sold in excellent quality through online stores.

The buyer of pink rose buds can easily buy this product at a very low price without intermediaries by visiting the sales sites.

Rosa Damascena Petals Exportations in the World

Rosa Damascena Petals Exportations in the World

rosa damascena water are among the products that have many fans not only in Iran but also in the world. This global sales of products cause the sellers and producers of these products in the domestic market to try to increase the quality of their products and offer them with global quality in the markets inside and outside Iran.

Exporting various types of rose petals is one of the most profitable international trade in Iran, which has caused our beloved country to have non-oil revenues as well. This profitability in trade will expand the industry as well as create more jobs for Mami’s compatriots.

One of the major exports of organic rosa damascena petals is the export of this product to Canada. In other words, Canada is one of the major importers of these products.