Fresh Rosa Damascena Petals for Sale

Rosa Damascena Petals Our rose tea is approved by the US Department of Agriculture as a 100% pure, natural, and organic product with no artificial or synthetic ingredients Made of handmade roses with luxurious roses.

Fresh Rosa Damascena Petals for Sale

New Rosa Damascena Petals Features

New Rosa Damascena Petals Features Roses contain more vitamin C than fresh citrus fruits such as oranges or grapefruit One cup of fresh roses equals about 50-60 acidic oranges. The study shows high levels of ascorbic acid in the rose hips Natural tea can also help preserve intestinal bacterial flora, keep it in the digestive tract, and aid digestion. High quality products you expect from us.

These products are imported from Egypt. Rose buds and petal tea with a mild and sweet aroma that makes you want another cup. Rose buds and tea petals are the purest experience of flavor and rose flavor. The taste of tea is stronger, not with caffeine but with vitamins in rose A rose is a dream roses and rose petals reflect the same thing Rose buds and tea leaves have a calming effect on sore throat. Rose tea is a natural ingredient in rosehip that removes toxins and heat from the body Visit for a variety of natural and organic teas.

I’ve tried using this to make rose tea, and I think these petals may have been drawn with some kind of artificial color before selling the artificial color. When I made my tea, the water quickly turned into a very bright red color, and it looked like the whole red washed the rose petals completely after just a few minutes.

rosa damascena benefits Usually, you don’t “paint” real high-quality rose petals very quickly unless some artificial color is used. I am concerned about the side effects of this color on the human body because I am not sure what kind of color you would color if digestion was safe DO NOT MAKE THIS Organic Product! I do not drink it without first talking to the doctor.

Rosa Damascena Petals for Sale

Rosa Damascena Petals for Sale	Rose tea is really a lady’s tea. Not only does it have attractive colors, it also has health benefits for women. From the Ming dynasty, and due to the numerous health benefits women drank,rosa damascena water this meant calming an unstable mood, relieving women’s pain, improving imbalance, speeding up blood circulation and more Has been widely used. Pink buds and very fragrant petals, beautiful red color and attractive rose scent, and a very pleasant and healthy drink It is used to combine tea, tea, bags, baths, drinks and herbal care.