Rose Flower Petals Price on Buying Market

Rose flower petals prices on buying market are vary and depends on variety of variables such as quality, production costs, transportation costs and etc. in this article you will know more about rose flower petals.

Rose Flower Petals Price on Buying Market

How to Identify Good Rose Flower Petals?

How to Identify Good Rose Flower Petals?

When rose petals are dried, the purple can be lighter, and when they are dry, they are almost dark purple. Bulgarian Damascus Rose and France Chiba Rose, flower size are similar, colors are pink, flowers grievances greater than, less than Pinyin, the difference is whether the shape of flower buds Leituo smooth

weight when buying tea, grab a first Weigh the flower tea and carefully observe whether there are flower slices, stalks and minced pieces. High-quality flower tea is heavier, and there should be no stalks, broken pieces, etc. inferior flower tea is lighter in weight and allows a small amount of impurities.

Look at the shape of the flower tea with a full and uniform color. see if the petals are whole or broken, and the whole is a better quality.

Smell if there are other undesirable odors, and then put it under the nose deep Smell it to see if the fragrance is pure. The aroma of good-quality floral tea is pungent, but the fragrance is not strong, which is not the same, followed by the quality.

After the tea is brewed, it depends on whether the color of the tea soup is red. If it is red, it is added with pigments. The color of the rose tea soup will be similar to that of the general green tea soup, slightly darker, slightly yellowish or reddish. Try not to drink dry rose tea, drink fresh tea to avoid the loss of nutrients.

Best Country to Buy Rose Flower Petals

Best Country to Buy Rose Flower Petals

Preliminary statistics of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s customs on foreign trade in the first nine months of 2017 indicate that more than 469 tons of ornamental flowers such as rose bushes, flowers and rose petals and red flowers have been exported to various countries around the world.

based on the export of this volume of flowers to different countries, the country has received 4 million 31 thousand 180 dollars.

It should be noted that Iranian flowers have been exported to 37 countries, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United States, Spain, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Germany, China, France, Japan, Vietnam, Iraq and Pakistan. 

Among these countries, Vietnam was the largest customer in Iran earning more than $ 1,104,892, with more than 121 tons of flowers purchased from Iran.

In the first nine months of this year, Germany has earned $ 409,599 by buying more than 81 tons of flowers from Iran.

Also, the Netherlands, which is one of the largest flower producers in the world, has earned $ 4,930 by purchasing 273 kilograms of dried flowers and fresh Mohammadi petals. the United States bought 550 kilograms of roses, dried flowers and fresh Mohammadi petals from Iran, bringing in $ 3,648.

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