Dry Rose Manufacturing Process

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Dry Rose Manufacturing Process

Dry Rose Manufacturing Steps

Dry Rose Manufacturing Steps The difference between decorative dried rosemary and natural rosemary is that rosemary causes happiness and vitality in humans and has a special pleasant smell and aroma, while decorative dried flowers have a lot of scars and have a sharp taste. It is bitter and a little sweet, and fresh rosemary has laxative properties.

Dry, to dry this product requires tools such as two ordinary bricks, cotton or refractory fabric, the desired flower, microwave. Drying steps: First, we put the fabric on one of the bricks, and we put the desired flower on it, then we put the second fabric on all of them and we put the second brick on it slowly and we should not press the brick. Because they cause the flowers to break or break.

After these steps, we put them in the microwave to allow the flowers to dry well. The presence of bricks also causes that when the flowers are heated and evaporated, the proper pressure is applied and they are pressed well. The cheap dry rose the amount or amount of flowers used in the microwave, ie the smaller the thickness, the faster and better they dry.

Another use of rosemary is to add it to yogurt with mint and cucumber, which can be used as a snack. Also in treatments such as chronic cough, treatment of abdominal pain, digestive problems, cleansing the liver and bile, reducing bleeding, etc. are the characteristics of this plant. Rose oil is also used to treat constipation because it is a laxative.

Dry Rose Factories

Dry Rose Factories Mohammadi flower is one of the most fragrant types of rose and it is also called perfume rose. Although its name is a red rose, with different species and in different colors: white, yellow, pink to fiery red can be seen. The more red the color of the flower, the more medicinal properties it has. When the buds of the dahlias ripen and are about to open, they can be picked. After picking, separate the petals and dry them.

They then keep it in a sealed glass jar. The dried petals of the rose petals heal the dry rose can. Red rose lowers fever. Iran is one of the first countries in preparing rose from this magnificent flower. To use useful information about Mohammadi flower, refer to the link. To get acquainted with Damnoosh Golmohammadi and how to prepare it, go to Please refer to the link