Organic Rose Petals Bulk Sales

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Organic Rose Petals Bulk Sales

Organic Rose Petals Bulk Buy and Sales

Organic Rose Petals Bulk Buy and Sales	Giving a brief overview of the legal backing of the country’s organic and healthy crop production program and emphasizing the legislative role of the legislature, the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture is required to cover at least 25 percent of the country’s cultivated area to produce organic and healthy crops by the end. The Fifth Plan and Article 29 of the Law on Increasing Productivity in the Agricultural Sector, based on quality control, inspection and issuance of quality certificates for agricultural products and defining standards and criteria from production to supply, explains the responsibility of production agencies.

One of the important goals of this program in the country is the voluntary guidance of farmers to produce a healthy product by creating a culture and promoting scientific methods and creating confidence in consumers. Today, all kinds of Dried Rose can be found in different countries of the world, from Africa to Asia and Europe, but looking at its history, you can see that Dried Rose were first produced in our country and edible rose petals from Iran to other countries. A variety of quality Iranian Dried Roses are produced throughout the country. They have bright pink to bright red colors. According to statistics, about thirteen types of Dried Rose are cultivated in Iran.

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Price List of Organic Rose Petals Bulk for Traders			Dried Rose is generally considered a spring flower. This flower can be harvested in late spring and from mid-May to late June. Dried Rose is one of the water-less Dried Roses and due to its very good compatibility with various climates, its high volume in different cities of the country, and especially the relatively deserted and low-water areas of the country are produced. Today, or using the advancement of technology and science;

Farmers and gardeners of the country have been able to bring these products to a stage where their fertility has doubled and they have been able to bear fruit twice a year and produce a product by transplanting roses or red roses to different types of trees. Transplanted and advanced Dried Rose, as usual, bloom once in the middle of spring and the second time in early organic roses and the quality of flowering of these products is very high, which is a very significant point in this regard. Is included.