Small Rose Buds Production

Small Rose Buds is one of those plants that should be cut at least twice a year: spring and autumn. If you wish, you can spend on health care. It depends on how the first pruning of a plant is handled, its splendor and glory. Spring pruning is more important than autumn. If you do the main work at the beginning of the season and not at the end, the plant will be in winter.

Small Rose Buds Production

Small Rose Buds Manufacturing Steps

Small Rose Buds Manufacturing Steps

Immediately after cutting, the plants and the soil around them are sprayed. 1. Copper sulfate solution. This prevents the growth of red blood cell cancer (infectious burns).

To prevent damage to powdery mildew, black spot and gray rot, plants should be treated. 3. Solution of ferrous sulfate. Such preventive treatments are performed at least one summer after the first wave of flowering.

If the pot is severely damaged by fungi (there are lesions of more than 2 branches), it should be burned. Unfortunately, do not save such factories.

Two weeks after the first vitiligo spray, it is necessary to process the flowers. Global preparation that includes insecticides and fungicides. It protects against rust, powdery mildew and aphids. Such procedures should be repeated every two weeks (without failure – after the first and before the second flower waves).

Of course, if you are planning to remove mini dried rose buds petals for cooking or cosmetic purposes, of course, “chemistry” must be abandoned.

Small Rose Buds Factory Price

Small Rose Buds Factory Price

Small mulch roses

After dressing, the rose should be mulched. This helps maintain a good soil environment and does not prevent nutrients from being picked up.

Before mulching, it is recommended to add a bucket of rooted compost under each bush and after filling the soil around the plant with mulch.

Mulch should not touch the base of the trunk.

Naturally, this cannot be done in one day, so we recommend distributing all the steps of spring care for roses for a few days. The main thing – do not miss a moment so that the plants continue to grow.

A rose is a romantic rose, so it is not surprising that it requires maximum care and attention. In addition, these features must be displayed throughout the year; Because ignoring the requirements of cultivation is associated with serious consequences.

Increase rose cover

The main minerals for this culture are nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. However, we must not forget that, for example, too much nitrogen makes roses more harmful to damaged fungi. Therefore, it is desirable to feed the plants with complex fertilizers for roses, strictly following the instructions on the packaging.

Orange Spring Rose – Original. It depends on the health of the plants and the beauty of the flowering. When using fertilizers apply a long time after the first wave of roses, they feed the second time.

In the fall, fertilizer is not worth it, especially in moderate bandages. Plants do not have time to rest and can tolerate winter severely.

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