Trended Dried Rose Buds For Export

if you ask where can I buy dried rose? Here you can make your purchase of rosebuds, discover its history, use in cooking, and its virtues for your health. Roses have a long history. We use them a lot. That’s why exporting and selling Dried Rose Buds is very profitable in the global market.

Trended Dried Rose Buds For Export

Best Trending Dried Rose Buds

Best Trending Dried Rose Buds It is believed that the establishment of roses in the Middle East dates from 4000 BC. JC. It is King Sargos who is the origin, he himself owned splendid gardens in Sumer. King Nebuchadnezzar had them planted in large quantities in the famous hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the world.
It is said that it was Apollo hatched this new flower of golden rays. The rose is the emblem of Aphrodite, it was considered the flower of love capable of overcoming death and reviving life.
It was Alexander the Great who imported the rose to Egypt where it gradually replaced the lotus. It would seem that Cleopatra received her lovers on a bed of scented rose petals.
Two rosebuds will suffice to flavour a good cup of tea. It is also possible to crumble it onto good red meat at the end of cooking, its subtle scent will be almost imperceptible.
You can also use it to make rose water, follow this link to know how to make your own rose water, why and how to use it!
Here are some good reasons, in addition to its taste properties, to buy dried rosebuds.

The dried flowers buds is a good help to treat haemorrhages, diarrhoea, asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis. Infusions of rosebuds are ideal for maintaining a beautiful complexion. For this use, it is interesting to combine them with organic linden flowers or blueberry flowers.

Trending Dried Rose Buds Manufacturers

Trending Dried Rose Buds Manufacturers	The first species of roses were imported into Europe more for their perfumes than for decorative reasons. The oldest known rose was a red rose named Rosa gallica. In the 12th century, The Roman of the Rose was the first poem dedicated to him.
Over time, the rose has become a witness to love all over the world. The custom that the bride wears a bouquet of roses, a symbol of beauty, love and purity, has spread everywhere. In Austria, it is customary for the fiancé to offer roses to his bride during her marriage proposal.
Although we use it in some oriental spice blends like kefta which is used to make meatballs in Morocco, rosebuds are mainly used in infusion, or to flavour teas and infusions.
You can find them for example in our black tea with 8 organic spices as well as in our oriental black tea with rose or even our fruit tea “morning kiss”. In terms of infusion, it is an important ingredient in our herbal tea with flowers “my beautiful meadow”.