Wholesale Fresh Rose Petals

Fresh Rose Petals Remove dried flowers from the flower basket or bouquet. Separate the extra foliage from the flower stem and cut the length of the stem to the appropriate size (about 15 cm). To help keep the flowers colored, avoid putting them in the sun.

Wholesale Fresh Rose Petals

Popular Fresh Rose Petals Varieties

Popular Fresh Rose Petals Varieties	buy rose petals Find a suitable microwave oven to put the flowers in and make it suitable for use in the microwave (never use this dish to serve or cook food)  Cover the bottom of the dish with one or two inches of silica gel. Place the flowers in the gel and pour more gel on the petals. Gently place the flowers in the center of the dish to flatten the petals.

Put the dish in the microwave without a lid. The temperature and time of the microwave will vary depending on the type of flower, so this step requires little trial and error. Set the microwave to one or two degrees above defrost for 2 to 5 minutes. Flowers like roses can withstand high temperatures, while flowers like chrysanthemums prefer lower temperatures. After the test, you will notice the right temperature and time.

When the flowers dry, open the microwave door. Once the door opens, put a lid on the flower pot and remove the pot with the same lid. Once air enters the container, remove the cap and let the flowers remain in shape for 24 hours After a day, remove the flowers and use a brush to remove the silica gel. Apply acrylic or taffeta hairspray to flowers and keep them forever.

Fresh Rose Petals Varieties Sellers

Fresh Rose Petals Varieties Sellers	bulk rose petals If you have a dark room or cupboard, it is best to put flowers in it. Attach the flowers from the stem with a piece of glue and prepare something like a bouquet Look for a dark, dry (not wet) place with good air circulation, such as an attic or an empty cabinet. Hang up an inverted bouquet of a clip or hanger. It is better not to rely on a flower so that its shape does not overlap. Give the flowers time to dry completely Detach the flowers from the barn and help maintain their shape with hairspray.

 The second method: dry the flower with a microwave This method of drying flowers requires silica gel, which you can find at handicraft stores. Silica gel is the same small packaging that you see in most devices and is used to prevent moisture. Small bags contain plastic granules, the same as silica gel. Silica gel keeps flowers in shape and can be used over and over again.

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